The goal of the district, as always, is to approach education holistically.  Naturally, this renovation project will reflect that goal.  This building will meet a variety of district needs in the areas of academics, athletics, and administrative support. Each of these was taken into careful consideration, with special emphasis on:
  • The security of the building and the safety of the students, employees, and community members who use it.
  • Creating a building that will benefit all students and their individual needs.
  • The district-wide facilities plan, an ongoing and evolving plan to creatively utilize all facilities for multiple purposes.
  • Careful and appropriate use of capital reserve/fund balance.
  • The School Board's goal of providing a quality education that places safety and the educational needs of our students above anything else that may influence such decisions and their commitment to planning for the future by developing a 3 to 5 year district-wide facility plan.